The iEARN Scrapbook Project is an opportunity for iEARN teachers, students, and parents around the world to share their stories, classrooms, and communities with the world.

We come from different countries, cultures, and economic situations, yet we are learning with the world beyond our classroom walls; building respect, understanding, and a sense of our common humanity. We are making new friends, building community, and beginning to realise how our richly diverse global connections are changing our classrooms, and our very lives.

We want to learn about YOU … Who you are, how you live, and what your global connections and friendships mean to you.

We hope you will take the time to contribute to this very special project, creating a physical or virtual scrapbook to share with international classes around the world!

Original Scrapbook, Doha Qatar



This project was inspired by the Global Classroom Travelling Scrapbook Project, an initiative of The Global Classroom Project, which I co-founded in May 2011.